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We Need Your Help to Bring the Marauders To Life!

The Gathering Storm: A Marauders Fan FIlm is in the final days of its Kickstarter campaign, and while we’re doing well, we still have a ways to go if we want to make this film a reality. 

It’s absolutely doable, but not without your help. We need to reach our minimum by Monday, or we won’t be able to make a film. So donate what you can, and help us spread the word! We’ve got six days, and we’ll take all the support we can get. 

Help us Keep the Magic Alive!

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game of thrones hogwarts au

jon snow puts on the sorting hat

“ahh, you must be ned stark’s bastard”

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reblog for easter

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Why don’t collars look nice on me

imafirinmahlazors sent: Tmi tuesday~ I don't like to do the sex thing full naked /'u ' /~

Clothes are p hot I feel

Anonymous sent: Are you sexually attracted to owls?

Anonymous sent: How about that Spencer-Butt? (Not calling him a butt, but the actual butt).

Spencer has the nicest ass of anyone I have ever met

Anonymous sent: Do u like the bible

Lube really only seems to dampen it and the papercuts are awful 2/10 do not reccomend

Anonymous sent: Do u like the bite


halfdeadsollux sent: Tmi Tuesday. Too many insects. Fuck those guys. Tuesday. Today.


halfdeadsollux sent: Tmi Tuesday

Please Tuesday

halfdeadsollux sent: Tmi Tuesday what are you even into



Spooky deer